Which political communities tweeted more about March for Science movement

What is March for Science?

The March for Science is the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments. March for Science is building a broad, nonpartisan, and diverse coalition of organizations and individuals who stand up for science. Through the march that will be organized on the 22 of April 2017, the movement is advocating for evidence-based policymaking, science education, research funding, and inclusive and accessible science.

Site : marchepourlessciences.fr
Facebook : facebook.com/ScienceMarchFR
Twitter : ScienceMarchFR

Attention of political communities on “Research and Education” for the past 9 months.

Attention of each political communities on Twitter : Research and Education

Attention of each political communities on Twitter: Research and Education

The total number of tweets for the 6 mentioned political communities: 19 796 275

The total number of tweets for the 6 mentioned political communities about Research and Education topic: 1 207 800

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Number of tweets mentioning “March for Science” or “Marche pour les sciences” per political communities.

Number of tweets by each political network

This chart shows the impact of candidates official stand on a subject.

This figure represents the keywords associated with each tweet mentioning “March for Science” or “Marche pour les Sciences”:


Some of the top tweets around March for Science movement by Emmanuel Macron (candidate for 2017 french presidential election) on Twitter:

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